Partially Frosted Shower Enclosure – Twickenham

partially frosted shower enclosure

Partially Frosted Shower Enclosure Twickenham The primary glass processing technique in a partially frosted shower enclosure is sandblasting. Sandblasting is a process of applying sanding abrasive under high pressure on the glass surface, after which the glass obtains a rough surface and diffuses light differently. Master bedroom Frameless Shower cubicle We were required to install […]

Black Shower Screens and Mirrors – Bayswater

Bayswater - shower screen in a black frame

Black Shower Screens & Mirrors Bayswater Creative Glass Studio produce and install all types of black shower screens with or without frames. In the project I’ll describe below, we had the opportunity to fit both options of bespoke shower screens and even an industrial-style mirror in the same motif with a black frame around the […]

Frameless Shower Enclosure Next to a Bath – Barnet

Frameless Shower Enclosure Next to a Bath – Barnet

Frameless Shower Enclosure next to a Bath Barnet When space in a bathroom allows having both a bathtub and a shower enclosure, in most cases, the frameless shower enclosure is positioned next to the bath. It saves space and improves the rigidity of the shower screen. Master bathroom Frameless Shower Enclosure The next project I’ll […]

Black Shower Screens – Camden Town

Black Shower Screens Camden Town In industrial style, black shower screens are the most popular, but often we produce and install other colour frames as it was on this project. Our shower screens in the framed range are made of 9mm toughened and laminated glass, which gives extra safety in case of breakage. We produce […]

Sliding shower and brass frame mirrors – Farnham

Trackless Sliding Screen & Brass Frame Mirrors Farnham – 10mm Opiwhite (low iron glass) – polished chrome ironmongery – wall bracket fix – silver mirror (arched shape) – natural brass material frame (brushed) Master bathroom Frameless sliding shower screen I adore working with unusual projects, such as when we were required to install a frameless […]

Frameless Shower Enclosures – Alderley

frameless shower enclosure

Frameless shower Enclosures Alderley – 10mm Opiwhite (low iron glass) – polished nickel ironmongery – wall bracket fix Master bathroom Frameless shower enclosure A client contacted us to install a frameless shower enclosure when the marble slab was unfortunately already installed, so recessing glass into walls was not an option. It’s a shame that the […]