Glass balustrades

Indeed, glass balustrades put a new spin in the modern interior design. Introduced relatively recently glass fencing has gained immense popularity in the interior design. Today, you can see it everywhere: in the design of staircases, balconies, terraces, atriums, and swimming pools. Therefore, in contemporary architecture, glass fencing can be seen in the buildings of almost any type, including airports, railway stations, shopping malls, offices, houses, and apartments. Our company specialises in producing high-quality, modern glass balustrades which will look perfect in your interior or exterior design. Also, our glass balustrades are the representation of innovation and technological progress. A wide selection of our glass products will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Glass banister

Each of us wants an own house to be not only comfortable and cosy but also beautiful and original. That is why when styling the interior, it is important to consider every detail which will be entirely consistent with the overall design concept. The use of glass banister systems is one of the most fashionable trends in the interior arrangement which gives you an opportunity to renovate the interior. A glass banister fills the staircase space with light and air, without being bulky and massive in appearance. For such constructions, we use toughened shatterproof banister glass. Therefore, despite the lightness and airiness, glass banisters feature tremendous strength and can withstand heavy loads. Due to this, people can lean on the banisters and feel secure. It is possible to use both single-layered 10 mm thick banister glass and laminated glass (in high-risk areas). Also, banister glass can be tinted, transparent, opaque, and patterned. Besides, it is now also possible to use curved glass to manufacture glass fencing.

If you need a highly reliable glass banister, you should get acquainted with our company’s product range. Do not be afraid of getting lost in the variety of glass banister options since our experts are ready to suggest you the best solution at any time of day or night. Besides, the highly qualified glass experts of Creative Glass Studio will take all necessary measurements, create a well-thought-out template, manufacture impressive bespoke glass balustrades, and install them to use on commercial and domestic buildings.

Frameless glass balustrade

In fact, it is possible to call a frameless glass balustrade the most stylish and modern made to measure glass balustrades. So if you are searching for an eye-catching design solution, a frameless glass balustrade is that what you need. You can install such a balustrade to your staircase to increase your home’s appeal. Also, the frameless design is perfect for an external glass balustrade that will fit your balcony, garden or terrace. A frameless balustrade made entirely of glass does not obstruct the view and does not impede the passage of light. It is the main advantage of this type of glass fencing. As the name suggests, metal frames are not used for manufacturing glass frameless balustrades. Consequently, these balustrades look complete and extremely attractive. At the same time, from a practical point of view, a frameless glass balustrade is not inferior to the regular framed ones. Thus, frameless glass fencing is very durable and reliable and is resistant to mechanical impact. On request, we can not only decorate the glass for frameless balustrades but also bend it giving the balustrade a beautiful curved shape.

Glass balustrade with a frameless design is fantastic regardless of whether you select an external glass balustrade or an interior glass balustrade. Our company offers an extensive variety of frameless glass balustrade solutions. On your call, our experts will take the measurements, manufacture customised glass balustrades according to the exclusive conceptual design and with the use of high-quality toughened glass, and correctly install glass fencing.

Glass button balustrade

Glass button balustrade design belongs to the most outstanding home improvement ideas. Most often, we use glass buttons as glass fixing components for creating the internal glass balustrade systems which are installed inside the houses or commercial premises. A glass button balustrade is the most transparent type of design that implies the minimum use of fixing elements. A glass button balustrade is installed on the edge of staircase or floor. Glass button is a stainless steel round-shaped fitting consisting of two elements. The first element is a support washer which we mount directly to the edge of staircase or floor. The second element reliably fixes the glass panel to the support washer and consequently to the floor or staircase.

For the production of glass button balustrade systems, our company applies safe toughened glass the thickness of which is 10 mm and more. Sometimes, to give the internal glass balustrade a better strength, we use laminated glass which consists of two or more toughened glass layers glued together. You can purchase transparent, tinted or frosted made to measure glass balustrades. Besides, these balustrades may have the frosted patterns or the photo printed patterns.

Our company provides a full range of services related to designing, producing, and installing amazing bespoke glass button balustrade systems. Also, we offer on-site visit of our specialist and free consultations with our experts. The vast experience of our glass company and our large technological possibilities allow us to fulfil the large-scale orders. We bring to life even the most challenging projects of the leading architects and designers.