Glass Balustrades

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In contemporary houses, glass balustrades help make the room more spacious. In addition, they are much easier to clean and install. We manufacture and install glass balustrades for internal and external use. All projects are provided with the necessary documentation and drawings.

Estimated prices

Expert glass balustrade installation is included in the price.

Estimated price


Glass balustrades with single-point fixings

Single point fixings on a glass banister can be in different diameters, projections and finishes. A glass barrier is installed from the side if there is sufficient space since the fittings must be positioned in 2 rows. Typically higher than 200mm space on the string/wall is required for standard glass balustrades.

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Juliet Glass Balcony

Juliet glass balcony is mounted on the facade of a building under doors or sides of the doors. It is preferable to use laminated and toughened glass for juliet glass balconies because then, in case of breakage of one of the glass panels, the second one will keep you from falling. We make any sizes and use various fixing options.

walk-in shower with a curved screen

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Recessed Glass Banister

If you do not want to see fixtures, glass balustrades can be recessed into the wall or a staircase string. It is not hard to achieve this while the construction of the premises is underway. Moreover, this is the cheapest option because the simplest fasteners are used, and the installation process is faster. Recessed glass bannisters look better than other alternatives if the work was planned and made correctly.

3D Sketches

We prepare sketches for each glass balustrade project that we install.


For most cases, we do templates from the same thickness material so that you can better imagine the final look and sizes. At that stage, we discuss the final dimensions and shapes.

Easy clean treatment

The glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency. The coating repels water and contaminants and helps protect against staining, etching and build-up from limescale & hard water.

Optiwhite vs Clear glass

Low Iron Glass is manufactured with lower iron content than standard ‘clear’ glass and produces a much clearer glass structure with no green tint visible through the glass.

Installation included

All of our glass balustrades are installed by experienced installers. The charge for that is always included in every quote.

Various ironmongery options

We do various fitting options for our glass balustrades. All our fittings come only from leading brands and are certified for glass balustrade installation.

Visualisation and sketches

To reduce all misunderstandings with customers, we prepare glass banister sketches. Once the drawings are approved, we begin production.

Glass Balustrade Pictures

We do any size and shape of glass balustrades.

Shower Screen Types

Did you know that we also supply and fit mirrors, shower enclosures, kitchen splashback and other bespoke glass products?

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Did you know that we also supply and fit mirrors, glass balustrades, kitchen splashback and other bespoke glass products?