Black Shower Screens

Camden Town

In industrial style, black shower screens are the most popular, but often we produce and install other colour frames as it was on this project. Our shower screens in the framed range are made of 9mm toughened and laminated glass, which gives extra safety in case of breakage. We produce everything ourselves to construct the most complicated and tricky orders as long as it’s doable.

black grid shower door
black frame bi-fold shower doors
black frame bi-fold shower doors
black frame bifold shower door

Guest ensuite

Black Frame Bi-Fold Shower Door

The primary condition for this room was to have a black shower door with a frame just on the screen’s perimeter. Frankly, we discussed all the simpler alternatives before choosing bi-fold. We’ve at Creative Glass Studio never manufactured frames in a bi-fold style for our black shower doors before. Of course, in theory, everything is simple and what could go wrong? Unfortunately, this was the case where I miscalculated a bit.

We made the drawings, calculated door weight and negotiated the small details of the project. Finally, the doors with black frames were made to the size we measured and installed for quality check in our workshop. However, instead of the planned half a day on the site, we had to come two more times to make alterations. Our frames have magnets recessed into them to hold the door in a closed position, but this was not enough to keep the middle on the site. The issue was that doors in the centre continued to move back by 1-2cm because of the shower door seals, and they didn’t align flat with the threshold. Therefore, we had to carve out a small metal flat bracket with a magnet that presses the middle and fixes both doors when closed. In fact, this did not affect the product’s final look, and the client was satisfied. However, it is worth admitting our mistakes; we failed the first attempt. Fortunately for us, the client was very patient.

Master bathroom

Black Grid Shower Enclosure

We were luckier with the black grid shower screen we installed in the main bathroom. I must admit that this bathroom is one of my favourites. That was the case when everything in the room was thought out and done correctly. We are fortunate enough to have our black grid shower screen installed in an excellent interior.

It is not visible in the photo, but in the opposite corner of the room is a freestanding vintage bath with dark green body colour so that we had to match our frames to it. Fortunately, we can make frames in any RAL colour. However, only metal imitation finishes like brass, copper or nickel can be complex since such finishes are not easy to match with an anodising technique.

During the drawing confirmation stage, the middle bars were also changed from 29mm in width to 14mm on the door’s perimeter. It seems now that it was the right choice to make the enclosure look brighter but not too heavy and dark. By the way, we make middle bars on our black grid style showers both – inside and outside or outside only. Since this is a shower panel, cleaning the glass inside with a squeegee with no protruding middle bars is much easier.

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