Creative Glass Studio is a London-based installer of quality mirrors and bespoke shower enclosures. We like to work on challenging projects since they enable us to reach new heights in our business. We cooperate with individual customers, architects, designers, and constructors.


Estimated Prices

Expert mirror installation is included in the price.

Silver and tinted mirrors cut to size

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Mirrors with frames

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Antique mirrors

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3D Sketches

We prepare sketches for each mirror that we install.


Installation included

All of our mirrors are installed by experienced installers. The charge for that is always included in every quote.

Various mirror types

Besides the regular silver mirror, we can do tinted or antique mirror. Our antique mirror range includes 20 different patterns.

Visualisation and sketches

To reduce all misunderstanding with customers, we prepare sketches for mirrors. Once the sketches are approved, we begin production.

Bespoke Mirror Pictures

We do any size and shape mirrors.

Browse through more projects in our picture gallery.