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We manufacture and install mirrors of all types and dimensions. In addition to plain bathroom mirrors, we offer antique mirrors for the hallway of your house or framed mirrors for a dining room. Antique mirror kitchen splashbacks also are popular in the kitchen behind a hob. In this case, we can produce toughened mirrors to withstand the heat.

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Expert mirror installation is included in the price.

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Silver and tinted mirrors cut to size

We cut standard silver, bronze or grey mirrors from 3200mm x 2550mm sheets. It is possible to make a mirror of a large size, but then the main problem is the access to the room where it is installed because mirrors are fragile. We make all kinds of mirrors and various edge processing. We can install an LED light or a demister pad for the bathroom mirrors from the back if required.

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Mirrors with frames

Framed mirrors never go out of style, whether wooden or metal frames. The metal frame around the mirror can be painted in a RAL colour or made of a material like natural brass. For example, in the case of a brass frame mirror, we can give the frame an ageing / antique finish or a brushed effect.

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Antique mirrors

In addition to a couple of dozens of antique patterns, we produce bespoke antique mirrors. Since the mirror is made from plain glass, we can toughen them to withstand temperatures and improve resistance to impact. As a result, antique mirrors look fantastic in metal frames of traditional English house interiors.

3D Sketches

We provide detailed and realistic high-quality sketches for each mirror we install to help you visualize the final result.
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Various mirror types

Besides the regular silver mirror, we can do tinted or antique mirrors. Our antique mirror range includes 20 different patterns.

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Installation included

All of our mirrors are installed by experienced installers. The charge for that is always included in every quote.

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Visualisation and sketches

To reduce all misunderstandings with customers, we prepare sketches for mirrors. Once the drawings are approved, we begin production.

Bespoke Mirror Pictures

We do any size and shape mirrors.

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