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Bespoke Shower Screens

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Sliding Shower Doors
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Hinged Shower Doors
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Frameless Shower Enclosures
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We're not limited to standard shapes

When it comes to bespoke shower screens, we’re not limited to regular shapes and sizes. Instead, there are several options to choose from, based on your taste and space availability.

Square, rectangular and pentagon shower enclosure types are among the most common options we offer; however, we offer also non-standard bespoke shapes. So, give us your specific design requirements, and we will find a way to make it happen.

Please keep in mind that it is best to place your order before bathroom walls are tiled to produce detailed sketches and make sure that everything is prepared to your exact measurements and needs for a shower screen installation.

custom shape bespoke shower screen
bespoke shower enclosure
bespoke shower screens
bespoke shower screen

Bespoke Shower Screen Design

3D Sketches for approval

An aesthetically designed bathroom is a well-being oasis where you can relax and recharge your batteries while in your own home.

To ensure that, we provide detailed and realistic high-quality sketches for each shower screen installed, from perfect layouts and different materials to custom-made fixtures and finishes. Thus, we will create advanced 3D mock-ups to help you visualize the finished project before it starts.

Shower Screen Production and Installation

Lead Time

Our current glass production lead time is about two weeks for a frameless shower screen and up to four weeks for a crittall shower door.


When you order two or more products for the same address, we offer volume discounts with a decreased cost per subsequent item.

Installation included

All of our bespoke shower screens come with installation services included in the total price so that you don’t need to worry about anything.

Bespoke Shower Screen Production

Various metal finishes

Various metal finishes

Bespoke shower screen ironmongery, including hinges, handles and fixtures, is available in 24 different finishes. Therefore, we can produce frameless shower doors with satin brass hinges, polished nickel, black or even unlacquered brass hinges and knobs.

Mini shower door seals

Mini shower door seals

Unlike other suppliers, we use mini-size shower door seals that are not as visible on a glass edge as regular clip-on alternatives. That prevents water and limescale build-up, and such shower door seals look brand new for much longer.
Easy clean treatment

Easy clean treatment

The innovative glass coating repels water and contaminants and thus helps protect the shower screens against staining, etching, limescale, and hard water build-up. Hence, it significantly reduces cleaning time and frequency.
Quality sealants

Quality sealants

For a recessed fixed shower screen installation, we offer sealants in 80+ different colours to go with the natural stone. A matching adhesive is used for natural tones such as marble without leaving any marks. In addition, all sealants have an anti-fungus effect.
Wall Brackets

Fixed shower screen installation options

Wall Brackets

Wall-mounted brackets will give any bathroom an elegant upgrade. That way, the fixed glass panels are securely hinged directly off a wall providing a simple yet easy finish. As a result, it is one of the most popular and practical choices for a frameless shower screen.


Shower profiles are a sophisticated and functional form of a fixed shower screen installation that adds class and simplicity while supporting fixed shower screens. Available in a variety of shapes, finishes and sizes for any glass thickness.

Recessed into tiles

A recessed tile shower screen is a built-in enclosure made out of the niche wall, glass doors and base that fully encloses the showering area. As a result, such customizable design helps make the most out of the space in any modern bathroom and prevents water leaks.

Various Glass types

Choice of the shower material significantly affects the bathroom’s appearance; therefore, it is another essential decision to make when placing your order. Whether you prefer a crystal-clear view through the shower walls or wish to have some privacy while you shower, there are numerous highest quality glass options to consider.