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The Creative Glass Studio Company is engaged in the production of bespoke shower enclosures, shower doors, and shower screens to suit the customers’ individual measurements. We can turn the glass product of almost any shape and size into reality. The customer has an opportunity to control all the production issues, starting with the choice of layout and materials and ending with the choice of fittings. We will place a bespoke shower enclosure exactly in its intended location. Moreover, the shower enclosure will perfectly match the bathroom interior design. As a result, you get a very functional and unique glass product that will please you for many years.


Shower screen is a glass panel that provides protection against splash and water leakage. Glass screens are used to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It is a very straightforward and cost-effective glass construction that requires the use of the minimum number of fittings. But at the same time, such a screen looks beautiful and harmonious, especially in the contemporary style bathrooms. However, it’s obligatory to ensure availability of the proper floor drain (tiled floor gully) since glass screens usually don’t have shower trays.

Easy clean glass coating

We apply for free glass surface coating which adds protection on the glass from limescale and soap scum. Your bespoke shower enclosure will be easier to clean for years.


If the shower tray is surrounded on three sides by the walls and the door opening is not very wide, then the best choice is to install a hinged shower door. Such a hinged shower door will close the door opening and protect the rest of the bathroom from the water. Usually, the range of fittings includes double action door hinges and special shower door seals protecting against the water leakage.

If the door opening is wide and the shower door itself can’t close it, it’s possible to install a shower door with an inline panel. The hinged shower door can be fixed to both the wall with an opening and the fixed glass screen (in this case, glass-to-glass door hinges are used). The shower door with an inline panel is one of the most eagerly sought designs since it can be installed in between the bathroom walls and doesn’t require the construction of new walls.

Contemporary shower door seals

We do self-adhesive shower door seals, just 7mm wide, for all of our bespoke shower enclosures. They look very stylish and are not noticeable on the shower doors.

Shower door seals


When there is no possibility to use hinged shower doors, it’s possible to install sliding systems. Sliding shower door is a very attractive and beautiful solution for small bathrooms. A sliding shower door slides behind the glass screen, opening a wide and convenient entrance to the shower area. But it’s important to consider that the sliding door hardware requires a gap between the fixed glass screen and the shower door. And drops of water can get through this gap. That’s why a sliding door shower enclosure offers less protection against the water leakage.

Premium quality fittings

We use the fittings from the leading German, US, and Swiss manufacturers only. You can choose fixtures for the bespoke shower enclosure from a wide range of options.


This type of shower enclosures enjoys the greatest popularity (together with the shower door with inline panel). This glass construction is a shower door(s) with fixed glass screen that plays a role of one of the walls. The shower door can be mounted to both the wall and the glass panel. A reinforcement bar can be installed to ensure structural rigidity. It’s possible to install the glass screens using the glass shower brackets or special U-channels. In fact, we can install bespoke shower enclosures anywhere and attach to any walls. The main thing is to install the quality floor drain or shower tray.

Any glass type

Our company offers you a wide spectrum of toughened glass options. Hence, you can choose the glass type for your glass shower enclosure or glass screen according to your preferences. Thus, clear glass, Optiwhite glass (extra clear), bronze/grey glass, and frosted glass are at your disposal. Each type of glass is highly durable, reliable and meets all the quality standards.