Black Shower Screens & Mirrors


Creative Glass Studio produce and install all types of black shower screens with or without frames. In the project I’ll describe below, we had the opportunity to fit both options of bespoke shower screens and even an industrial-style mirror in the same motif with a black frame around the perimeter.

Bayswater - black frame shower screen
partially frosted shower enclosure
Bayswater - black frame shower screen
shower screen in a black frame
Master bathroom

shower screen with black frame

If it is worth having black shower screens in a frame anywhere, then it’s in bright interiors. Of course, we all have different preferences, so not anyone will like such interiors due to the lack of colours or some severity and contrast. However, I am a fan of grey shades, and therefore, I can appreciate the beauty of such interiors.

The client had an excellent idea of ​​what he wanted from the beginning of this project, so we only had to follow his instructions. Usually, we install floor thresholds under the door to stop the water. Still, as you noticed in the picture, the client insisted on doing the shower screen without it, taking full responsibility. Since the shower door is far from the showerhead, we didn’t put up much of a fight. It is a fairly standard 1550 x 2200 crittall style shower screen, but without the middle bars, which would divide that into small window panes.

Guest Shower

Frameless door with black fittings

As an alternative to a black framed shower door, we also offer black frameless shower doors with all parts and fittings in black. The difference is that the shower door does not have a frame but is frameless and attached to the wall or glass with hinges, in this case – black. The fixed screens can be attached to the walls, ceiling and floor with black wall brackets or mounted on wall profiles, as in this case. If the shower door does not require a frame, the price is double lower than framed alternatives. However, our door frames are minimalistic and made precisely to the size of the opening with no adjustments, so they take more time to manufacture and install, and that’s why they cost more.

Looking now at the shower screen we installed, I think the black frameless shower door looks just as good as the one in the main bathroom. I suppose this is due to the background’s exciting choice of marble tiles. An unusual pattern draws to touch the wall with the palm of a hand. It was one more bathroom where our shower screen was harmoniously installed.

Bayswater - frameless door with black hinges
frameless shower door with black hinges
Bayswater - mirror in a black frame
Master bathroom

Industrial style mirror

Our client decided to follow the same design idea as with the shower screen, so the mirror in the room had to be made in the same style. In this case, the mirror has a black 15mm frame. The width of such lines is best to choose individually, depending on the size of the mirror. Among other things, exciting lights were installed on the mirror, which perfectly suited the industrial style of the mirror.

Considering mirrors or shower screens in black frames for your interior, you need to be careful and pay due attention to wall finishing. When the product has a thin black frame, it can highlight the wall defects. For example, if we follow the wall curve with our framing, you may notice that the line is curved or twisted because of the contrast. On the contrary, installing the frame flat next to a curved wall, a gap may appear between the two. That has happened with this project. Therefore, we had to work a little to hide the imperfections of the slightly curved wall and ceiling with mastic.


Antique mirror in an aged brass frame

The hallway needed an antique mirror with a minimalistic perimeter frame in an aged brass finish. Unfortunately, the ceiling height was approximately 3200mm, so we were limited in our choice. The fact is that although we offer more than 50 different antique mirror patterns, more than half are supplied in sheets of up to 2400mm size. The other half may be in larger sizes, but we do that ourselves by manufacturing antique mirrors from sheets of regular glass. It allows us to toughen such mirrors, but the reflection quality is slightly worse than their factory-made alternatives.

We agreed on a ready-made antique mirror delivered directly from the factory for this project. We had to cut it to the required size and make a metal frame for the perimeter. The frame on the mirror measures 10mm x 10mm and is brass aged.

Bayswater - antique mirror in an aged brass frame
Bayswater - antique mirror in a frame

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