Trackless Sliding Screen & Brass Frame Mirrors


– 10mm Opiwhite (low iron glass)

– polished chrome ironmongery

– wall bracket fix

– silver mirror (arched shape)

– natural brass material frame (brushed)

Master bathroom

Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

I adore working with unusual projects, such as when we were required to install a frameless sliding screen. Therefore, the client was offered an option with our trackless sliding system. The function is simple – a bespoke shower door hanging on two wheels – the wheels slide inside a fixed panel with a long notch. Like that, we avoid using a metal tube or a profile overhead for the wheels. After all, judge yourself that it would have been worse with a metal tube over your head, but now it looks very unusual and elegant.

In addition to a nice look, we also have to think about the product’s functionality, rigidity, and quality. A slight complication was provided by the walls where it was required to fix the fixed panels. On the left wall was a wooden vertical beam a little twisted and bent, and on the right side, the timber joist came out of a wall so that the wall line wasn’t flat.

As a result, we had to make both glass panels follow wall lines and adjust the shape of wall brackets to the curvature of the walls so that screens would line up flat. Usually, it is better to go with such screens to the ceiling, but unfortunately, the vent extractor was weak. As a result, we had to leave a 200mm gap for air circulation above the screen so that the moisture after showering would dry as quickly as possible.

Master bathroom

Mirrors In A Brass Frame

The bathroom already had natural brass wall lights and handles on a vanity unit, so the client wanted to match the mirror frame. Brass material is quite popular in England, and more often, we have to work with unlacquered brass fittings like hinges, frames, and handles. That makes sense because brass has two excellent qualities: it obtains an attractive antique effect and, at the same time, it is antimicrobial like copper or bronze. Since the last in the list played an essential role for the client, manufacturing the mirror, we installed a layer of a PVC hygienic sheet on the back wall. It should prevent moisture from absorbing in the backing and settling mould.

By making the frame for the mirror, we gave it a bit of a brushing effect to match the vanity unit handles and wall lights nearby. As a result, the difference was almost unnoticeable. Initially, it was designed to make the mirrors removable. Still, after installing the mirrors, we added a couple of blobs of glue from the back in the corners, confirming this with the client so that no one unintentionally could move the mirrors.

There is probably nothing more to add here because bespoke mirrors are a straightforward product compared to the shower screen. All details are quickly confirmed with the very first drawings. Although, it is worth mentioning that even for mirrors, we verify each design change or client’s wishes in our visualizations of the size and workshop drawings. You can see such sketches below.

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