Hinged shower door finished projects

Hinged shower doors are timeless classics in the diverse world of door systems. It’s not so easy to competently arrange the bathroom space. However, the glass hinged doors can efficiently solve this problem. Such bespoke contemporary doors will help you make your bathroom comfortable and cosy. Furthermore, the glass doors allow you to turn your bathroom into a beautiful space featuring unsurpassed aesthetics. Also, they offer the following indisputable benefits:

- High performance. A hinged shower door is irreplaceable if you install a narrow shower cabin. But it also a perfect addition to the large shower cubicle in the large bathroom. Moreover, such a door harmonises with any bathroom interior. That makes it a versatile option for everyone.

- User-friendliness. What can be simpler than the use of a hinged door which is so easy to open and close? Besides, such a door ensures user-friendly entrance to the shower area. And the ease of use determines how comfortable you and your family members will feel taking a shower.

- Safety. Toughened glass features high strength and incredible durability. Hence, this glass is very difficult to damage. The glass breakage does not happen in everyday life. But even if this happens, there is a minimal possibility of getting injuries in case of the glass panel damage.

- Humidity resistance. Glass is a moisture resistant material. Due to this, a hinged glass shower door will serve you for many years, preserving its original beauty. Besides, it requires minimal care.

- Reliability. A hinged door opening mechanism has a small number of structural elements comparing to a sliding shower door. It significantly reduces the risk that a hinged door will go unserviceable. Design reliability will save your time and money.