Frameless Shower Doors

Traditional frameless shower doors are the most popular, familiar and cost-effective option. If you don’t have any obstructions in front of your shower tray for the door opening, it is better to have such a practical choice. Our hinged shower doors swing in both directions, inwards and outwards. Although, from a safety point of view, the door always should be able to open outwards. In addition, we use 24 standard metal finishes, but we are not limited just to this and can offer unlacquered brass hinges or any other bespoke metal finish.


Estimated Prices

Expert frameless shower door installation is included in the price.

Frameless shower door fixed to the wall

If you manage to separate a small 800×800 recess with three walls around it, we can install a shower door for you to enclosure the shower area. When the width exceeds, we can set an inline panel next to the shower door. However, hanging the shower door right from the wall is preferable for stability and cost reduction. Moreover, such an option will be at least £100 cheaper than when the door is hanging from another glass panel because such hinges are cheaper and fewer notches in glass are required.

Shower Door Hanged from an Inline Panel

Sometimes we have no choice, and the shower door has to hang on another inline glass panel. It happens most often due to a wall-mounted towel radiator next to the door opening, which makes an obstruction. In this case, a 100-150mm wide fixed panel is installed to hold the door. When the fixed panel exceeds 300mm, it is better to use a top reinforcement bar or make the shower enclosure up to the ceiling to support it there. We use 10mm thick glass in most cases, but it becomes flexible as the width increases.

Hinged Bath Screen

Small bathrooms in the UK often lack space for shower enclosures so that the showerhead is installed directly above the bathtub. We can protect the bathroom floor from water splashes with our bespoke hinged bath screens. Since we use hinges from shower doors, we have practically no restrictions on the choice of hinge finish. If our 24 standard metal finishes are not enough for you, we can change the finish to any for an additional fee.

3D Sketches

We prepare sketches for each shower door that we install.


Minimalistic shower door seals

Self-adhesive small size shower door seals look great on a door. They're not noticeable on doors and look fantastic.

Easy clean treatment

The glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency. The coating repels water and contaminants and helps protect against staining, etching and build-up from limescale & hard water.

Optiwhite vs Clear glass

Low Iron Glass is manufactured with lower iron content than standard ‘clear’ glass and produces a much clearer glass structure with no green tint visible through the glass.

Installation included

All of our hinged shower doors are installed by experienced installers. The charge for that is always included in every quote.

Various ironmongery finishes

We use only leading suppliers for our frameless shower door ironmongery in 24 different finishes. For bigger orders, we can provide bespoke finish as rose gold or others.

Visualisation and sketches

To reduce all misunderstandings with customers, we prepare frameless shower door sketches. Once the drawings are approved, we begin production.

Hinged Shower Door Pictures

We do any size and shape hinged shower doors.

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