Sliding shower doors

Shower screen

Easy clean glass

We apply for free special glass surface coating which protects from limescale and soap

Any glass type

You can choose for your shower door any glass type (Clear, optiwhite, frosted, bronze or grey)

Sliding systems

We do 5 different sliding shower systems

Modern seals

We do new-type mini shower door seals

Sliding shower doors are nowadays one of the most popular types of glass shower doors. Thus, such doors can be found in niche shower enclosures and shower cabins in both residential buildings and non-residential buildings. A glass sliding shower door is a highly beneficial investment in the comfort of your bathroom. So let’s figure it out what explains the high popularity of glass sliding shower doors.

- Excellent space-saving potential. Sliding shower door is famous for its ability to save space substantially. Choosing such a door, you get an additional useful area that will extend the functionality of your bathroom to the uttermost. And this is especially crucial if the bathroom is small.

- Functionality. To open a sliding door, you do not need to exert much effort. Also, the shower door leaf (leaves) slide easily and almost silently along the stationary glass panels. It’s possible to achieve this effect due to the use of top-notch door fittings from the most recognisable manufacturers.

- Long service life. Glass has proven to be the best suited for the rooms with high humidity. Indeed, the glass does not rot and does not rust. Even after many years, glass sliding shower does not lose their original attractive appearance provided they are properly maintained.

- Durability. This feature is a guarantee of safe glass shower door operation. To break such a door, you should strain every sinew If, however, you do break the glass, its fragments will not cause serious injuries thanks to their smooth blunt edges.

- Waterproofness. Due to the use of high-quality self-adhesive shower door seals, the door leaves fit tightly to the floor and each other. That’s why when you take a shower, water does not leak out. And the floor outside the shower area remains dry.