Frameless shower enclosures are a great solution for those who dream to add a personal touch to the bathroom space. The contemporary, stylish design complements the high functionality of such glass shower enclosures. The simplicity of strict lines, complete transparency, and stunning visual weightlessness enable the designers and engineers creating these glass constructions to achieve the ideal. Moreover, they have a range of advantages. So, let’s look them through.

- Perfect aesthetics. It’s needless to say that any other shower enclosures can’t compete with the breathtaking beauty of the frameless shower enclosures. Their unbeaten aesthetic appeal impresses everyone.

- Maximum freedom of space. Choosing a frameless design, you can forget about the cumbersome baths and shower units. A stunning non-intrusive frameless glass construction will let you fully enjoy a free bathroom space. As a result, the bathroom interior transforms beyond recognition.

- Opportunity to save money. A frameless design allows maximum light penetration into the shower area. That’s why the installation of the custom frameless glass shower enclosure gives you an excellent opportunity to reduce your electricity bill.

- Safety. If a shower enclosure does not have a frame, such a glass construction requires additional safety. And the highly durable thick toughened glass panels meet all the safety standards. So, you can rest assured regarding your and your family members’ health.

- Minimum of care and maintenance. Care for the modern frameless shower enclosure takes very little time and does not demand the use of special cleaners. Furthermore, a hydrophobic coating efficiently protects the glass surface against limescale, shampoo residue, and soap scum.