Mirror kitchen splashbacks

Mirror Kitchen Splashback – Modern and Absolutely Practical Part of Kitchen Interior

mirror kitchen splashbacksThe main purpose of a kitchen splashback is to protect the walls from hot spills, grease drops, and steam. In fact, the usual plaster panel, and especially wallpapers will not cope with the task like that. However, this element can play a significant role in the interior. Mirror kitchen splashbacks certainly meet the requirements.

It is worth noting that mirror is not inferior to ceramic tiles or glass. It is a nice material for walls in the kitchen. Mirror kitchen splashback is quite practical and a very effective solution. Besides, designers consider it suitable for any style.

As for the advantages, manufacturers usually use tempered glass as a basis for mirror kitchen splashbacks. Thus, this material can withstand temperature extremes, steam, boiling water, and even an open fire.

The mirror surface of a kitchen splashback has no pores and, hence, is easy to clean. Use wet sponge or detergent for glass, and clean all the drips and splatters of water, or dirt and soot.

You will not have any problems with mould, rot, and fungus. Since bacterial flora does not multiply on the surface of the mirror glass.

Besides, the mirror reflects light. It will create additional lighting for the working surface. The backlight of a mirror kitchen splashback can easily replace the lamps. Numerous reviews of our customers confirm that that is a great solution.

Let’s also consider the disadvantages of mirror kitchen splashbacks. The strength of the mirror glass is inferior to ceramic tile, though not much. The tempered mirror glass of the best quality is hard to break even with a hammer.

Keep in mind that you should not use any abrasives for cleaning. They will not affect the practical properties of the mirror kitchen splashback. However, it may lose its attractive look and become cloudy or scratched.

Wide Design Possibilities

It is not a secret that mirror visually expands the space. It has become designers’ trick, and they use it for the interiors of any room. However, there are some nuances that you should take into consideration when choosing the material for your kitchen splashback.

As a rule, a kitchen splashback occupies all the space between floor cupboards and wall cupboards. Thus, the working area merges into one space. At the same time, the mirror kitchen splashback visually increases the space and makes the cupboards less bulky.

If the space above the working area is quite large, or for example, there are only shelves on the walls, combine mirror with some other material for your kitchen splashback. Otherwise, the cupboards will look as if they are placed separately from each other. Therefore, choose the materials that are identical to the finishing of the other walls, or similar to the kitchen furniture.

Mirror kitchen splashback can have different tints. The dark tinted mirror is perfect for a light kitchen set in the high-tech style. The light glass mirror, or a mirror with luxurious golden hue, matches the solid wood.

Keep in mind that mirror reflects not only light but also all the kitchen items. So it is better to remove most of the appliances and cookware. Otherwise, they will give the impression of a mess.

Mirror kitchen splashbacks with a frosted pattern on a transparent or tinted surface look gorgeous. You may have a painting on the mirror glass. Also, you can also choose mirror tiles.

Our company offers kitchen splashback of the most unusual shapes and designs. We create kitchen glass splashbacks, coloured glass splashbacks, as well as mirror splashbacks. You can order the one that will emphasise the beauty of your kitchen interior design.