Coloured glass splashbacks

Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks – Comfort and Functionality

coloured glass splashbacksA kitchen splashback is the most vulnerable area. The maximum number of splashes and hot particles gets on this part of the wall during cooking. Besides, the largest amount of condensate accumulates here. Therefore of course, this section of the wall between the top and the bottom kitchen set should also perform an aesthetic role. Today, more and more people order coloured glass splashbacks. They are quite practical.

Kitchen splashback usually serves as a binding element of the interior design. Its purpose is not only to protect the walls, but also fit kitchen cupboards, a worktop, walls, and the floor. Besides, the colour of the kitchen splashback should match other interior elements harmoniously. Our designers will help you choose colour shades for your coloured glass splashback.

At first glance, the cost of coloured glass splashbacks may seem high. However, it is a reasonable price for the top-notch quality. Consider the number of benefits. So make the right choice.

The Best Design Ideas

  • fused glass coloured kitchen splashbackIn contrast with the front furniture - coloured glass kitchen splashback becomes an interesting solution. It separates the top and the bottom of the working area clearly. It will balance the interior. Besides, this will allow you to lengthen the working space visually. Coloured glass splashbacks will become an expressive accent in a kitchen or a studio. A bright colour of a kitchen splashback will spice up the interior. However, it is the most suitable for kitchens in neutral colours.
  • Monochrome kitchen work area may also look nice. It is acceptable, to have facades, kitchen splashback, and worktop in a single colour.

Tip: Choose a kitchen worktop in more or less contrasting colour. It will visually divide the top and the bottom of the kitchen. Otherwise, your kitchen may become a blur. That is an excellent solution for those, who prefer minimalism. A kitchen with a plain work area will be a great background to fill with striking details.

  • You can also choose a shade that is intermediate between the colour of the front kitchen furniture and a worktop. For example, if the cupboards are chocolate brown, and a worktop is white, install a beige coloured glass  kitchen splashback. It is a kind of gradient that will look great.
  • Some people decide to combine different neutral tones and colours. For instance, the bottom row of cupboards — black, the worktop — woodgrain colour, the kitchen splashback — grey, and the top row of cupboards – white. It is a simple, but reliable way to achieve the effect of elegant simplicity.


The benefits of coloured glass kitchen splashbacks are obvious. They are:

  1. Hygienic – smooth surface does not accumulate any condensate or dirt. So, bacteria will not multiply on your kitchen splashback.
  2. Waterproof;
  3. Heat resistant – oil sprays, and even an open flame of the gas stove will not cause damage to the coloured glass splashbacks.
  4. Durable – it is usually made of tempered glass.
  5. Easy to clean – the only rule: don’t use any abrasives.

Our Glass Company offers bespoke mirror splashbacks, kitchen glass splashbacks, as well as coloured glass. We create a moisture-proof, heat-resistant surface that is easy to clean. As for the materials of kitchen splashbacks, they are universal. The colour choice is always individual.

We will deliver and install your coloured kitchen splashback without chips, scratches, and other damage signs. So, you will have nothing to worry about.