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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Nowadays, people impose many requirements on the modern kitchen. The most important of them are the high level of comfort, functionality, attractiveness, and, the maximum ease of cleaning. So your kitchen will meet all these requirements if you purchase our bespoke kitchen glass splashbacks. Undoubtedly, glass splashback is a beautiful and practical interior design item. This is due to the features of toughened glass such as environmental friendliness, durability, and safety. As of today, the constant development and improvement of our production techniques enable our company to manufacture sleek and fashionable kitchen glass splashbacks not only in different sizes but also with a variety of decorative elements. On our site, you can find a broad spectrum of top-quality kitchen glass splashbacks. Therefore, you can choose the best option for your kitchen interior. Indeed, our custom kitchen glass splashbacks will bring shine into any kitchen.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Have you been dreaming of enlivening the interior design of your kitchen for a long time? Are you tired of changing wallpaper that gets dirty so quickly and gets bored of ordinary wall tiles? Then our coloured glass splashbacks are the perfect solution for you. The decorative qualities of coloured glass are higher than those of ceramic tiles. Such kitchen glass splashbacks will allow you to transform the kitchen interior filling it with a riot of colour. These splashbacks give you an opportunity to play with the interior creating a special atmosphere of festive mood and homely home. To manufacture coloured glass splashbacks, we use low iron glass which we paint with a special glass paint. A huge number of colour options are available to embody all your kitchen design ideas.

We suggest you order the full range of services in one place, from design to installation. Our highly qualified specialist will measure your kitchen scrupulously (free of charge) since the quality of measurements greatly affects the functional qualities of the glass splashback. We guarantee the production of coloured glass splashbacks in compliance with all the engineering standards and the measures which we take. Moreover, we ensure that the glass product which we deliver and install will have no chips, scratches, and other damage signs. Besides, our designer will help you choose colour shades for coloured glass splashbacks to fit into the overall interior design of your kitchen harmoniously. Place an order now and make sure that our bespoke kitchen glass splashbacks offer a whole new look at the ordinary things.

Mirror splashbacks

Mirror splashbacks are a great opportunity to change not only your kitchen but also to create your style and show yourself to be a creative and extraordinary person. Mirror splashbacks which our highly experienced professionals manufacture visually expand the space of small kitchens. Designed as a one-piece mirror or a mirror tile panel, splashback will be the main element of the kitchen decor. From the design point of view, such a splashback is suitable for any kitchen interior style. We can make our mirror splashbacks from the toughened glass which is highly durable and robust. A mirror kitchen splashback may be rectangular, triangular, square, and pentagonal in shape. Besides, to increase security and aesthetic appeal, we produce mirror kitchen splashbacks with bevelled edges. Colour palette for mirror splashbacks varies from traditional silver colour to reddish, bluish, black, or bronze colours. We will help you select the appropriate colour to suit your interior. Besides, you are free to choose a new-looking or antique mirror splashback.

Our specialists have an extensive successful experience in designing kitchen glass splashbacks. Taking into account all your needs, wishes, and individual characteristics of your kitchen, we will create the best glass splashback emphasising the beauty of the kitchen interior design. We ensure strict quality control at each stage of manufacturing stylish made to measure kitchen glass splashbacks. Here you can quickly order a kitchen splashback for every taste and every budget. Make your most beneficial and wise purchase now!