Sliding glass doors

Innovative Design Solution of Glass Doors

The glass is a truly unique material. Indeed, one can safely call multi-functional, modern, and reliable glass a material of the future. In fact, the development of new technologies is now taking place in leaps and bounds. Today, the interior design items which we considered impossible and which came as a great surprise yesterday are put into mass production. Moreover, in the research laboratories, the scientists are already developing something even more contemporary and fundamentally new. Also, architectural toughened glass really can offer numerous new design solutions. Thus, the up-to-date sliding glass doors in the office are an indicator of the company’s style, commitment to development, and high status. While in the interior of the house or apartment, the glass doors become an art object attracting the enthusiastic attention of every visitor. The sliding doors provide their owners with an endless sea of ​open space.

Design Features of Sliding Glass Doors

Open mechanism sliding glass door

Open mechanism sliding glass door

The design of sliding glass doors is very simple. Thus, there are the guide tracks along which the rollers move. In their turn, the door leaves are attached to the roller mechanism. It is possible to mount a sliding door to the wall and ceiling or hide it into the wall. To prevent the door sheet fluctuations in the corners of the door opening it is necessary to install barely visible door guides.

The guiding mechanisms are of two types:

  • Open mechanism. The guide tracks with rollers have no external decorative elements which conceal them.
  • Hidden mechanism. The decorative elements conceal the guide tracks with rollers. This option is neater and more beautiful.

Besides, it is possible to divide the glass sliding doors into the following types:

Single leaf door.

In this case, the sliding leaf occupies entire doorway. There are also two types of single leaf doors:

  • Door with one side panel. It is used for wide door openings. Only one leaf slides, while the side panel is fixed.
  • Door with two side panels. It is used for very wide door openings. A single leaf slide, while two side panels are fixed.

Double leaf door.

  • Double leaf sliding glass doors

    Double leaf sliding glass doors

    Each door leaf opens separately. However, it is possible to choose the mechanism of simultaneous opening of both door leaves. Besides, there are also double leaf doors with side panels.

  • Telescopic sliding glass door. These glass doors are one of the best solutions for extremely wide door openings which should be fully open. In this case, the one-sided door system means that two door leaves slide in one direction. So the two-sided system implies that two leaves slide to the left, while two other ones move to the right. Furthermore, it is also possible to use even more door leaves when designing telescopic sliding doors.

Peculiarities of Sliding Glass Doors Choice

Hidden mechanism sliding glass doors

Hidden mechanism sliding glass doors

Choosing sliding glass doors, you need to:

Consider glass quality. Choose only the glass doors made of high quality toughened architectural glass. Thus, toughened glass can withstand strong impacts and loads. Consequently, even if you break the glass, it will smash into small, almost non-sharp fragments which are safe for people. Besides, the top-quality glass should not have visual distortions and bubbles in its structure. Hence, it should be flat and smooth to the touch.

Consider door fittings quality. The accessories such as hinges, door handles, and different fastening elements play an important aesthetic and functional role. In the course of time, low-quality fittings spoil the appearance of the glass sliding doors. Moreover, they may even pose a threat to people.

Choose the best option to suit your needs. Thus, you have to precisely specify what requirements your glass door must comply with:

  • Door type.
  • Fittings type.
  • Materials.
  • Design.
  • Throughput capacity.

The specialists from our company will help you choose the best option for the sliding glass doors. Due to our vast experience, we have the glass door offerings which can 100% suit you and serve efficiently for many years. For many years, our company has been engaged in the creation and installation of the most complex glass structures in London and its surroundings. The use of an integrated approach allows us to offer our customers the turnkey solutions, from design and production to installation and maintenance. That ensures your comfort and saves your time and money. We can successfully implement any sliding glass door design idea. So, contact us now, and our prices and glass product quality will amaze you.