Internal glass doors

Interior Glass Doors: That’s What Any Building Needs

bespoke interior glass doorsIndeed, a door is an interior item which is available in any building, irrespective of whether it is a dwelling or a non-residential facility. Therefore, it’s natural that the doors are always before your eyes. So, it’s very important to ensure that a door doesn’t irritate you with its appearance. And undoubtedly, our frameless interior glass doors will delight your eye and decorate your home or office.

Glass doors can make any room stylish and modern. Frameless glass system transmits a significant amount of natural light making the interior light and weightless. A great choice of structural forms and types of glass will turn a room with a frameless glass interior door into an unusual and expressive space. Our highly experienced professionals will manufacture any frameless glass door, even the most complicated type of door.

Surely, different interiors require strict adherence to their overall style. Consequently, when choosing a glass door for a particular room, it’s necessary to determine its essential features and decide how it should look like.

Which Interior Glass Doors Suit Particular Rooms

Let’s find out which frameless interior glass doors are suitable for different types of rooms.


Firstly, a glass interior door in the office should have a strict look and regular lines. Secondly, clear glass panels should not obstruct the view. On the contrary, they have to make the office more open and spacious. Finally, frameless translucent structure improves employees’ mood and performance.


A special design of a glass balcony door allows you to expand the space visually. Such a door provides maximum penetration of sunlight into the room.


The use of a glass interior door is quite a practical option for the kitchen. Such a door doesn’t absorb moisture and fat, doesn’t deform over time, and is very easy to clean.


You will hide your bedroom from prying eyes if you choose frameless interior doors made of frosted, toned or stained glass. Besides, a bedroom will not lack additional light and gain the joyful atmosphere.

Children room.

The use of a glass door will make your kids' room well-lit, bright, and unusual. Also, very durable materials ensure absolute safety. Furthermore, special decoration such as the cartoon characters’ images will fully reflect the preferences of your children.

Living room.

A living room is the calling card of any home. And a frameless glass door is suitable for different interior styles. Hence, the properly selected design will emphasise the beauty and elegance of your living room.


Definitely, a translucent frameless interior door assembly will make a hallway which is usually dark lighter and add new zest to it.
Frameless glass interior doors from our company will be a real gift for any room in your house or business centre. Contact us now for further information about our glass products!