Frosted glass doors

Frosted Glass Doors for Your Interior

The glass doors stopped associating with offices long ago. Thuswise, people, give them more preference while creating the design of their dwelling. First, they “painlessly” belong with any interior scene. Second, they provide the sensation of lightness and an expanse. Third, the various design allows creating a unique atmosphere in a room: a friendly guestroom or a bright playroom.
The items with frosted glass look very spectacular and attractive. Moreover, modern technologies allow producing maximally safe glass insets. So, one can use this type of doors not only as internal ones but doors for a lavatory, bathroom, kitchen.

Designers can use frosted glass doors in the interior of the majority of rooms. Frosted glass doors will decorate a room made in any stylistic trend. They permit light through excellently but make premises detached, possess good indicators of sound insulation.

Effects of Etched Glass Doorsetched glass doors

Specialists see the value of the frosted glass in the high diffusion of light effect. It has a special structure: its surface is treated in a mechanical or chemical way during production. So this type of glass does not reflect rays of light. However, the rays circulate evenly across a room, chaotically changing their direction.
Etched glass doors often get additional decoration with fusing, various inlays, as well as with a mosaic. So, these features significantly expand possibilities of the rooms` design. The choice of doors is wide.

Kinds of Frosted Glass Doors

There are several techniques of glass frosting. For example, fabricators apply mat films, burning coatings, evaporation, treatment with the help of chemical substances, sandblasting.
Frosted glass doors can have different styles and forms. There are traditional rectangular constructions, arch and oval models, leaves with smooth figured shapes. One can also apply a pattern or a special coating on glass insets.

Perfect Solution for Your Bathroom

Many mistakenly believe frosted glass doors for a bathroom is a too bold solution. The innovative technologies of our days provide a broad range of such products. One can choose a construction, finishing and fittings suited for your apartment decoration.
Also, glass structures are more practical, than wooden, or veneer, or laminate ones, in rooms with increased humidity. The glass doors withstand temperature differentials well. They are not susceptible to deformation, eco-friendly. One can easily handle them in a case of mould appearance or just take care of them.