Frameless glass doors

Frameless Glass Doors Are A Stylish Choice

Elegance, stylishness and the unsurpassed ability of glass doors to fit into any modern interior are increasingly attracting the attention of discerning buyers. Frameless glass doors are perfect for offices and public places. Besides, they are now often used in modern homes, specially designed in the hi-tech style. The glass doors are ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms as they make a small space look larger than it is. We can decorate a frameless glass door with different patterns and fused glass elements. As a result, such a door will smoothly fit into any style of interior. Thanks to a frameless glass door, any interior will look very stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Frameless Glass Doors: What You Should Knowframeless glass doors

The properties of modern glass are continually improving. That is why frameless glass doors are very safe and reliable. To break these glass doors, one should take the best shot. However, if for some reason the glass breaks, it falls into tiny pieces, leaving no dangerous shards. So the risk to be hurt comes to nought.

Depending on the type of glass, a frameless glass door can be clear, cloudy, and opaque. The glass involved in the door manufacturing process is available in a variety of colours. Our glass company makes frameless glass door only from tempered glass. The door system consists of glass panels which are securely installed into the doorway and fixed with special door fittings. These accessories are made of high-quality materials and accurately assembled. There is a broad range of door designs. The size and shape can also differ depending on the customer’s wishes and requirements.

It does not matter where you will want a modern frameless glass door to install. It will always be that door you want to enter by since our company guarantees high quality and beautiful appearance of any frameless glass door which we make.