Frameless External Glass Door: What It Is

A frameless external glass door is an attribute of any modern and stylish building. The main feature of the exterior glass doors is that you can open them both in one and in the other direction. At the same time, the door closes automatically. Most often, the manufacturers use hidden floor door set which ensures closing and latching the door at a right angle.

Moreover, closing and latching are possible on both sides. Such a door is an optimal solution for very crowded places, such as large offices, retail stores, shopping malls, and government facilities with an impressive staff. However, this does not mean that you cannot install external glass doors at your home. The matter is that it can be not just a double door, but also a single leaf door. Besides, it is possible to install frameless glass external doors as separate units, entrance doors, a part of the all-glass partitions, and internal or front windows of shops, banks, and offices.

Advantages of External Glass Doorsexternal glass doors

Frameless glass external doors have many advantages that make
such external glass doors desirable for any building. So, let's look through these benefits:

  • Such glass doors feature both functionality and impressive aesthetic appeal.
  • This door is useful in places where it is important to ensure minimal human intervention to pass through the door.
  • The door increases through-flow rate, reliability, and safety in case of evacuation.
  • Being transparent, all-glass external doors provide unobstructed views and allow the penetration of as much light inside the building as only possible. That is why it is very effective to install these doors in business buildings and shop windows.
  • With the help of sandblasting, it is possible to create both simple and quite complex patterns and put logos on glass. Therefore, a stylish external door of tempered glass will perfectly decorate any interior or building facade.
  • Modern door hardware from leading manufacturers enables the integration of glass doors into all-glass partitions and shop windows.

Types of External Glass Doors

There are the following types of external glass doors:

  • Doors with an upper corner fitting and a bottom fitting which is compatible with a hydraulic floor door closer.
  • A door with a bottom rail along the entire width of the door and only an upper corner fitting.
  • A door with a top and bottom rail along the whole width of the door.
  • Doors with hydraulic side hinge attached to the wall.
  • Doors with a hydraulic door closer in a bottom corner fitting, but without a massive hydraulic floor door closer.

The size of the doorway, door weight, frequency of openings, and specifics of location influence the glass door choice. Our team is always ready to offer the best option of the all-glass external doors by your requirements. Moreover, our team members will gladly consult you on all important issues at any time.