Bespoke glass doors

Today, the growing number of homeowners is giving preference to the personalised interior styling solutions, while the ordinary interior designs are rapidly receding into the past. Exclusive interiors instil confidence, contribute to well-being, and surprise the guests with the originality of style. So our company strives to help you in creating such interiors when manufacturing its bespoke glass doors. These doors are a fantastic design solution making a room or a building interesting and unique. Besides, such bespoke glass doors give the interior nobility and elegance. We will make and install for you custom glass doors which will delight you with their beauty and reliability every day.

Frameless Glass Doors

Attractive and airy frameless glass doors will give a zest to any interior making it look spectacular. With their help, you can not only make your home or office lighter but also separate the rooms maintaining the illusion of a single space. Thus, it is possible to achieve not only the lightness and airiness in the interior design but also visually expand the size of the room. Maximum refinement of the toughened glass doors is possible thanks to the frameless design. As the name suggests, a frameless glass door has no door frame. Also, special door hinges are fixed directly into the doorway, with preliminarily performed fine finishing. All frameless bespoke glass doors feature incredible strength, are easy to clean, and don’t cause difficulties with the installation and further use. Frameless glass doors can be either external or internal. Also, you can choose frameless hinged doors or frameless sliding doors. Plus, there are different door fitting options. Finally, these doors may have a single leaf or two leaves.

From our glass company, you can order top-notch frameless glass doors for a shopping centre, office or home at very reasonable prices. If you do not know which glass door to purchase, we will gladly help you make the most sensible choice! You can invite our highly skilled glass experts to make all the necessary measurements and get frameless glass doors you wish.

Glass Interior Doors

Glass interior doors allow the designers to find an individual solution for the majority of the rooms and can be an original interior decoration. Elegance and charm, modernity and lightness are only some advantages of these doors.

Internal glass doors undergo decorative treatment and are resistant to mechanical impact. Also, such doors are robust and durable. High level of safety of glass interior doors is possible due to the properties of the toughened glass which is 5-7 times stronger than the ordinary one. Applying glass sandblasting technique, we can create a variety of unusual and unique designs, from the most classic to hi-tech ones. You can order glass interior doors made of transparent glass, tinted glass, or glass glued over with a special glass film. Besides, you can always choose an entirely or partially frosted glass doors.

The selection of design solutions is very broad which makes the internal glass doors so attractive to consumers. Our glass company brings to your attention trendy and stylish glass doors which can add uniqueness to the interior of your home. We produce all the glass interior doors exclusively with the top-class door hinges. We suggest you use the services of our glass experts who will come to the site, design the layout of bespoke glass doors according to your preferences and wishes, pick up the necessary materials and colour palette, and finally produce and install the excellent internal glass doors. Our glass products will serve you very well for many years.

External Glass Doors

External glass doors are an attractive solution for creating unusual and spectacular exterior. Glass front doors are an excellent option for the shopping malls, cafes, cinemas, business centres, and houses. External custom glass doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It is possible to distinguish the following types of the glass front doors: hinged doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and automatic doors. In the production of external glass doors, our glass company uses exclusively highly durable glass types, namely: triplex and toughened glass with a thickness of 12 mm. Due to this, we managed to achieve a high level of reliability and security of the door assembly. The strength of toughened glass is not inferior to many modern materials. This glass looks great for years to come, is easy to clean, and withstands changes in temperature and humidity. In contrast to the interior glass doors, the external glass doors are usually put into the metal frames of different design for greater strength. However, you can choose a frameless glass door assembly made of thicker glass. An extensive range of designs of bespoke glass doors is at your disposal if you place an order at our glass company. We can tint glass front doors or apply patterns or company logos to them. Hence, the entrance doors will have a modern and representative appearance.

If you have any questions related to the design, production, installation, and maintenance of the external glass doors, you can get expert advice from our consultants calling us, visiting our office or inviting our specialists to your house. We guarantee you high-quality of our work and individual approach.

Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass doors belong to the category of the elite ones emphasising the high status of house owners. It is hard to surpass the aesthetic qualities of these doors because they can be designed in a variety of styles and decorating options. That allows you to pick the necessary door for any interior. We use a diversity of techniques for manufacturing our beautiful frosted glass doors. Except for the beauty and sophistication, these door assemblies are very practical. You can find etched glass doors not only in living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and sliding door wardrobes in the houses, but also in offices, shops, and entertainment centres.

Frosted glass doors transmit the sun rays while separating one room from the other ones. Etched glass is sufficiently soundproofed and completely blocks the view from the other side of the door.

Etched glass has a light scattering effect due to the special structure of the surface that is processed mechanically or chemically. Such a glass does not reflect the light but evenly distributes it randomly changing its direction. Consequently, a frosted glass door leading to a terrace or porch provides an additional soft lighting. It is possible to decorate the frosted glass doors with stained or fused glass elements.

Our goal is to produce for you the first-class bespoke glass doors by our efforts or in cooperation with your designers and architects. Therefore, we guarantee that even the most demanding customers will get desired glass doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

Most often, glass sliding doors are used as the interior sliding glass doors, bespoke shower enclosures and as the front doors at the boutiques, shopping malls, and business centres. Sliding glass doors open to the parallel shift along the wall. Sliding door leaves move along the guide rail located at the top of the doorway. Depending on the door hardware, the guide rail may be designed as a tube (open-type system) or an aluminium profile with a hidden guide rail (closed-type system). The upper and lower guide profiles allow you to fix glass sliding doors in the open and closed positions. These glass doors save the room space significantly and do not interfere with the visual unity of the interior. Moreover, of course, there are no bounds to the imagination in the choice of patterns for bespoke sliding glass doors. Do you like a strict pattern of alternating opaque and transparent fragments? Then a glass door with sandblasted design is a perfect option for you. Also, if you want to add colours to the interior, we can create any pattern on the glass sliding doors, with the use of a powder coating or a full-color printing.

Our bespoke sliding glass doors look stylish and modern, regardless of where you decide to install them. We have an almost unlimited range of stunning design ideas which will make your home or office incredibly beautiful. You can choose any design solution, colour, and fittings to your desire. So our highly qualified specialists will manufacture and install the sliding glass doors suitable for your requirements and budget.