Glass banisters

Great Possibilities with Glass Button Balustrades

glass banister with adapters

glass banister with adapters

Nowadays, everyone strives to have a practical and cosy interior. Besides, the main aim is creating beautiful and harmonious atmosphere. Today’s variety of materials offers the opportunity for a broad imagination. Architectural glass is one of the widely used materials in the projects of modern designers. It is hard to imagine a business building, a shopping centre or a luxurious house without it. Glass parts and surfaces have gained great popularity. They create a magical atmosphere in the room. They make it weightless, and open. Glass shower enclosures, frameless glass doors and, of course, glass balustrades give the impression of the absence of any obstructions.

A staircase sets the tone for the style of the whole house. So, we can honestly call it the main structure in any building. That is why a glass balustrade is not only a construction through which you can get to another floor. But it is also a separate designing element. So it is not surprising.

Glass button balustrade is a creative, modern and safe solution for the decoration of buildings. Thanks to this design innovation, the room becomes more spacious and airy. The main peculiarity of glass button balustrades is the absence of heavy metal supports and elements. Glass is fixed to the wall or a staircase with the help of round-shaped stainless steel buttons. Nowadays, glass balustrades are popular both in the designs of commercial centres and in home interiors.

They are not only transparent and airy but also strong and durable. Despite the visual fragility, laminated glass button balustrades are completely safe and reliable. Even in a case of damage, they do not shatter but only lose their good looks. Therefore, the usage of glass balustrades for halls, terraces, balconies and stairs is completely safe.

Benefits of Glass Button Balustrades

glass button balustradesModern technologies allow creating glass balustrades of any shapes. They can have round corners and soft lines. These can have classic shapes with a print or a logo. Everything depends on the taste and desire of a customer. Let’s mention some other benefits of glass button balustrades:

  • Glass button balustrades and frameless glass banisters are visually very ‘light’ and ‘airy’. They do not clutter space. The hall seems more spacious and light;
  • Glass button balustrades look very stylish and expensive. They emphasise your great taste in the interior;
  • Such balustrades perfectly fit into any décor. Glass is a rather versatile material. Glass button balustrades can be perfectly combined with stainless steel, wood, and iron elements;
  • Moreover, glass button balustrades can be of various degrees of transparency;
  • All kinds of frameless glass balustrades are completely safe for children and pets. Such constructions have no gaps through which a child or a pet could fall from the stairs. They also have no sharp elements, which can be obstacles on somebody’s way;
  • Having a smooth surface, it becomes possible to clean glass button balustrades just with a damp cloth. You simply need a detergent for glass;
  • Framed balustrades and glass button balustrades can be both outdoors and indoors. Glass is one of the most stable and durable materials. So all kinds of glass balustrades withstand environmental influences. As a result, they do not lose their perfect appearance.
  • Thus, glass button balustrades enter homes and buildings in unexpected tones and shapes, causing surprise and admiration of visitors. It is always great to go with the times.