Glass banisters

Glass banister: Respectable Appearance

glass banister for staircases

Glass banister for staircases

Clear glass fence systems do not draw special attention to themselves, visually enlarge the space, and make any building look decent. Indeed, the use of toughened glass has become extremely popular in the modern balustrade design. Unsurprisingly, the glass is a very spectacular material for manufacturing the glass banister for staircases. You can find such balustrades virtually in all business centres, shopping malls, numerous offices, public places, boutiques, and houses. Besides, the correctly chosen fasteners not only help secure the glass banister competently but also make the staircase itself elegant and exclusive.

The glass staircase banister has many advantages over the other types of balustrades. Therefore, the installation of such a fence system is always a wise move. Thus, it goes perfectly with any material, whether it is wood or metal. Besides, the glass banisters for staircases are suitable for almost any interior. In addition, they fill the staircase space with light and air, without being bulky in appearance. To produce the banisters is better to use the toughened laminated glass with 8+8 mm or 10+10 mm thickness. Due to this, in spite of the airiness, the banister glass feature tremendous strength and can withstand considerable loads. Consequently, people who lean on such fences can feel safe.

The modern technologies and equipment allow manufacturing the glass banisters of any complexity. Hence, they can complement any shape of staircase. The services of decorative and art glass processing will help to create a unique look of your architectural construction. Thus, you can choose the frosted, tinted or coloured glass. Moreover, it is possible to apply the patterns, pictures, and company logos on the glass surface.

Glass Staircase Balustrades: Types Based on Different Criteria

There are two main types of the glass banister systems based on design principle:

  • Framed glass balustrades. Usually, such a balustrade consists of the stainless steel balusters (posts) which are interconnected with a wooden or stainless steel handrail. This construction forms a supporting frame with the gaps. So then it is necessary to insert the glass banisters into these gaps and attach them to the balusters with fasteners. The toughened glass thickness (8-10 mm) is enough for this type of balustrades.
  • Frameless glass balustrade with glass adaptors

    Frameless glass balustrade with glass adaptors

    Frameless glass balustrades. Typically, such a fence system consists of the glass panels and specific base shoe channel (or glass adapters) which fix the panels. Optionally, it is possible to mount the handrail over the glass banisters. In this case, the glass itself carries the major load. Therefore, the toughened laminated glass is the best option for the frameless stairs balustrade.

By way of fixing, it is possible to divide the staircase glass balustrades into two groups:

  • Balustrades attached to the stair steps. In this case, the installers mount balusters directly on the stair steps, shortening the width of stair flight.
  • Balustrades fixed to the face of a stair stringer. These balustrades are outside the stair flight. This way of fixing is the most popular one.

Fixing Options for Frameless Glass Banister

Glass banister with the handrail

Glass banister with the handrail

A staircase with glass banister is a high-strength and, above all, safe construction. So, it is possible to ensure this safety not only due to the use of toughened glass, but also the choice of reliable fixing options.

There are two main fixing options for a frameless glass banister:

Glass adapters.

As a rule, glass adapters are the round-shaped stainless steel fixing elements of different diameters. A glass adapter consists of two major parts. The first one is a head cap with threaded rod, while the second one is a back spacer. The threaded rod slips through the glass panel and then secures this panel to the face end of the stair flight or floor slab panel. The back spacer fastens the glass panel down to the head cap.

Is better to use 12mm toughened, or thicker glass for glass banister with adaptors. Also, it is possible to fix a stainless steel handrail to the frameless stairs glass banister.

Base shoe channels.

Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades

The aluminium base shoe channel is screwed to the floor between two hard surfaces. Then is necessary to put the glass panels into this channel, wedge the glass and cover the base shoe channel with the rubber gaskets. Very often, the installers built-in the channel in the floor. Consequently, it seems that the glass panels stand out from the floor without any fasteners. If you wish, you can equip such a frameless glass staircase fence with a stainless steel handrail. In this case, it is better to choose 8+8 mm or 10+10 mm thick toughened laminated glass.

Fixing Options for Framed Glass Staircase Banister

A framed glass staircase banister consists of the posts and glass panels. There are stainless steel and wooden posts. Besides, it is possible to distinguish the posts with round and square section. As a rule, the posts’ height varies from 900 mm to 1200 mm. The installers use the clamps to secure the posts to the glass banisters. The glass stairs banister system is mounted to the floor slab or the stair flight. Also, the fence may have a stainless steel or wooden handrail. As for the glass, 8-10 mm thick toughened glass is the best choice here. It is because in this case, people will lean on strong handrail supported with posts.

Our Glass Staircase Banister Offerings

built-in glass banister

Built-in glass banister

The Creative Glass Studio has been functioning in the architectural glass market for many years now. During this period, we have thoroughly studied the glass manufacturing process. Therefore, we produce the toughened glass products of the highest quality. The production of the glass balustrades is among our priorities. Working on each order of our customers, our highly skilled and experienced professionals get to the heart of the matter. Consequently, each of our clients has a staircase with glass banister that fully meets his or her requirements. Our numerous loyal customers are our greatest achievement. That is why we go all lengths to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Here, you can always purchase a glass stairs banister which will be to your liking. Besides, you can pick up the posts, handrails, glass adapters, and other fixing elements which you wish. Moreover, it is possible to choose the fixing elements with mirror polished, satin, anodised and brushed finish. However, if you want to have glass banisters with wooden posts, note that we do not install the wooden posts. However, when the carpenters install the wooden frame for your staircase balustrade, we will gladly mount the toughened glass panels.

So, the Creative Glass Studio means high professionalism and reliability! Due to the constant development of technologies, we are improving our skills year by year. We guarantee you the new approach to your interior design. As a result, you will get an original, beautiful, and top-notch bespoke glass banisters for your staircase.