Glass fencing
Stair Banisters in the Interior Undoubtedly, balustrades have always played a special role in the architecture and design of buildings in general and rooms in particular. These construction elements are not only beautiful ones, but they are also highly functional structures which barrier the building facades, balconies, atriums, and of course modern banisters for stairs.
Large Glass Sliding Doors
Contemporary Door with Glass Solutions Certainly, glass is an integral part of the architecture of the future. Due to the new technologies, glass has gained a lot of additional useful features. At the moment, it is not just a clear, colourless, and fragile material. Nowadays, the glass can be photochromic, energy-saving, sun protective, anti-bacterial, flame
Glass Banister for Stairs
Glass banister for Stairs: Advantageous Choice Undoubtedly, if you properly choose a stair balustrade, it will be able to demonstrate your individual style to everyone perfectly. Moreover, the stairs in high-tech style with a glass fence are the best suited for this purpose. Today, a glass banister for stairs is a popular design and practical
hinged shower door
Hinged Shower Door in Bathroom Interior Hinged shower door is an excellent way to make your bathroom modern, well-lit, and exquisite. Indeed, it is possible to install a glass shower door everywhere. Also, it may be both the addition to a traditional bath and the alternative to a bath. Compact size, reliability, and, most importantly,
Balustrade Glass Panels
Balustrade Glass Panels in Architecture Humanity knows glass as an artificial material since ancient times. For many centuries, people used glass in various fields. Today, due to the functionality, versatility, and visual lightness, glass is also very attractive. Thanks to sophisticated shapes and magical play of light, glass is a popular material in decorative arts,
glass bathroom doors
Glass Bathroom Doors: Be Original In fact, the unique door glass design solutions are almost always something special that goes beyond the standard thinking. In this respect, the glass bathroom doors are not an exception. Indeed, not everyone will dare to publically display a room for personal hygiene and everything that happens there. The majority
Full Glass Interior Doors
Interior Glass Doors: What They Serve for Certainly, interior glass doors are an essential interior design item at any building. These doors perform mainly a utilitarian function in the interior. Thus, they divide the whole space into separate rooms, thereby protecting us from the noise and prying eyes. However, an interior door can fulfil a
glass pocket doors
Advantages of Glass Pocket Doors Surely, that huge variety of designs of the external and internal glass doors available on the market makes everyone to fall into a muse when deciding to install one of them. Recently, the glass pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular. However, not all people resolve to replace the regular hinged
Opaque Glass Door
Advantages of Opaque Glass Door Every day, thousands of people all over the world get rid of the outdated traditional wooden doors. They replace them with more technically advanced glass counterparts. Therefore, it is not surprising that the glass doors are now at the peak of their popularity. The use of opaque glass as a
Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels
Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels Are a Creative Fencing System Evidently, glass balustrades are creative, modern, and safe fencing systems for various architectural elements in interior and exterior design. Thanks to this design solution, any building became airy, more spacious and filled with transparent purity. By the way, glass balustrades are especially popular in the design