Luxury shower enclosures
Highly Popular Choice Custom shower doors are increasingly used in the contemporary bathrooms since their owners have already appreciated the convenience of these doors. Indeed, the installation of the glass shower units with bespoke shower doors gives much more benefits than the installation of the bulky and outdated baths. Thus, such glass shower units feature
Non-standard Ideas for Non-standard Solutions Non-standard glass shower enclosure ideas are the embodiment of an individual approach to bathroom styling which allows you to get really an unusual shower enclosure. Of course, nowadays, the market of ready-made glass shower cabins is really flooded. Moreover, it is ready to offer the customers thousands of different glass
Glass Banister
Glass Banister: Truly Original Choice The glass is a truly versatile material. That is why it is so widely used in the construction of the modern residential and commercial premises. The main advantage of glass is its transparency due to which it looks weightless, perfectly permits light through, and visually enlarges any space. Consequently, glass
Widespread Options for Frameless Glass Sliding Doors Frameless glass sliding doors look great in the bathroom interior and at the same time do not take much space. Hence, the frameless shower cubicles with such doors are an excellent choice for all bathroom interiors. Usually, the structural features of these shower units can be different. Thus,
Glass Doors Internal
Integral Element of Shower Cubicle Sliding frameless shower door is really an integral element of any bathroom. It is a glass door between the shower area and the bathroom. Such a door can perform a function of a separate entrance (in the niche shower cabin, for example) or be a part of the shower enclosure.
Design Originality Etched glass doors enable any person to rebuild interior design in an original way. When the interior design of a room, apartment, house or even the whole business centre is at the stage of formation, it is important to determine its main features. Thus, cosiness and pleasant atmosphere always belong to the most
Perfect Choice for Doorway Frosted glass interior doors are an ideal choice for you if you aspire not just to install the ordinary doors, but to decorate your doorways. The interior glass door systems are a universal design solution since they fit perfectly into any interior. It cannot be different because it is you who
Sliding Glass Shower Door
Why Shower Door Sliding glass shower door systems are winning more and more hearts of all the bathroom owners. However, why is it more beneficial to choose shower doors instead of ready-made shower cubicles? The matter is that the shape and size of the shower tray put restrictions on the overall shower cubicle dimensions. So
Walk-in Shower Enclosures
Luxury in Your Bathroom Walk-in shower enclosures are a godsend for those who do not like to put limitations on the space use even in the bathroom. Certainly, nowadays, people have an extremely diverse choice of the shower enclosures, including the architectural glass ones. Thus, different manufacturers offer different glass types, shower enclosure styles, as
Bespoke Internal Doors
Personal Touch in Interior Bespoke internal doors are the interior-transforming solution for both residential and nonresidential buildings. More recently, the interior doors have not created an aesthetic value. They only acted as boring and same-type room separating interior design items. However, now the designers give particular emphasis on these doors. Luckily, one excellent alternative to