Crittall Shower Screens

The versatile grid-like shower screens with slim profile metal frames instantly add a modern and urban aesthetic to any bathroom looking both clean yet edgy all at the same time. Designed to stand out and transform your home interior, all crittall shower screens are adjusted to the preferred style and size.


Estimated Prices

Expert shower enclosure installation is included in the price.

Crittall Style Shower Screens

A fresh and minimalistic alternative to chrome-edged or frameless shower screens allows saving space. It fits even in the smallest bathrooms while retaining an element of separation without compromising on light.

Crittall Style Shower Doors

Make a statement and add a timeless character to your bathroom with either single or double crittall style shower doors that express a new and trendy take on a bathroom design and are easy to maintain for years and years.

Crittall Style Shower Enclosure

Industrial chic meets sleek on-trend design in a functional crittall style shower cubicle with satin black ironmongery that will prevent water leaks, keep you warm and fit perfectly into a variety of bathroom styles.

3D Sketches

We provide detailed and realistic high-quality sketches for each shower screen installed to help you visualize the final result.

Frame recessed door seals

Self-adhesive durable plastic shower door seal strips create a waterproof barrier and are almost invisible due to the narrow design and transparent finish.

Easy clean treatment

The easy-clean glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency. In addition, it repels water and helps to prevent staining, etching and limescale build-up, to keep the shower sparkling clean.

Optiwhite vs Clear glass

Low Iron Glass is manufactured with a reduced amount of iron in its molten formula. It is, therefore, more transparent than regular clear glass and doesn’t have the green tint.

Installation included

All of our crittall style shower screens are delivered and installed by experienced professionals without extra charge to complete your bathroom to perfection.

Various ironmongery finishes

Our extruded profiles are 27mm x 4mm thick and made of long-lasting anodized aluminium in a black brushed finish, with the fixing seal being hidden inside of the frame.

Visualisation and sketches

We specialise in creating crittall screen sketches in order to bring projects to life and avoid any misunderstandings with our customers prior to the manufacturing process.

Crittall Shower Screen Pictures

We offer custom-made crittall style shower doors, screens, panels and cubicles in any size and shape.
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